The flavours of the Mediterranean Coast

Welcome to Rosemary

Rosemary Restaurants, a brand of the Rosemary Hospitality Group, aims to develop a world-class offering that combines gastronomy, art, fashion and hospitality. We aim to be present in the heart of the global cities as a gateway for patrons to explore the flavours and smells of the Mediterranean.
A Fusion through the Mediterranean Coast

Modern approach
to classic Spanish and Moroccan cuisine

The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle is not just about food, but the epitome of art, fashion and culture. With over 21 countries representing the Coast, our team of culinary experts are inspired to innovate the Rosemary dining experience. Our contemporary take of Moroccan, Spanish, Italian and Greek dishes means that there is always something to talk about at the dinner table.
We invite you to step inside

An immersive culinary experience

When it comes to the food and drinks of the Mediterranean, no one cuisine is the same. Thus, we are continuously curating our dishes and cocktails.
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Culinary Delights
It is our pleasure to share traditional and contemporary Mediterranean recipes from 21 countries.
Superior Selection of Spirits
Indulge your senses with our carefully selected wine pairings or our signature cocktails
Classic and Fusion Dishes
Designed for every and any occasion, our dishes are not the only conversation starters.
We're Excited



Saturday 11:30-10pm
Sunday 11:30-10pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11:30-10pm
Thursday 11:30-10pm
Friday 11:30-10pm

(403) 457-3201

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